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Contraceptives, especially condoms, are the King in every bedroom unless you are trying to conceive. As a part of sex education in high school, we have all learned about the importance of using condoms, either to prevent unwanted pregnancy or to keep harmful STDs at bay.

Coming to the pleasure factor, we are constantly looking for options that won’t feel rubbery or hamper the skin-to-skin contact feeling. Women prefer this skin touch to bring on that much-needed sensual pleasure while reaching their orgasms. However, people having latex allergies can look for a safe condom brand that assures you of not experiencing any allergy issues.

We have a range of condoms in both large and small packs. If you are planning a restless game that continues till the break of dawn, go for the larger packs. Whereas, for one-night stands or short dates, the mini packs will be more than enough, as they contain three condoms to get you covered for a shirt date.

Now, the most favorite part for us ladies is the flavors. We love some flavorful and delicious condoms while engaging in oral sex. Another favorite option that we look for is the texture of the condom. While some male condoms are extra dotted, others have stripes, and yet, a few others have an ultra-thin texture, to make way for a more intense and passionate night.